Who We Are

IBANIT is a customs licensed freight forwarding agent. Our core services include but are not limited to the following- Shipping, haulage, logistic and procurement. We also offer haulage and marine support services to the oil & gas sector of the economy. We have the capacity to engage in engineering sector including; Onshore & offshore logistic services.

We have proven a test of time in reputation and Competence. We have an enviable record of accomplishment. We are served by qualified professionals.


Our vision is to be one of the most valuable companies in the freight and logistics industry and build a team with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, qualities and unequalled customer service delivery, create added value for our clients to be transparent in our business relationship.

To be an attractive business partner with highly competent staff that meet stringent logistics challenges.


IBANIT SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous private limited liability company incorporated in March 2003 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Companies and Allied Matter Act 1990

IBANIT is a customs licensed, freight forwarding agent. We are also unique in the areas of shipping, haulage, logistic and procurement. This involves haulage and marine support services to oil & gas sector of the economy. We also cut across all facet of engineering sector including; onshore & offshore logistics services where we have an enviable record of accomplishment.

IBANIT SERVICES LIMITED is also a member of numerous maritime organizations, locally and internationally. Over the past few years, we have proven our ability to take a large, complex projects and complete them on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality.

Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness is no accident. It is a natural consequence of the values that guided our company since its founding. These include an energetic enthusiasm for what we do, coupled with the sensitivity to the needs of our customers, a willingness to accept total responsibility and we pride ourselves in knowing that the services we render will last for our generations. While some in our industry might find these attitudes old-fashioned, we believe these are the reasons why knowledgeable businesses, organizations, public sectors, oil & gas firms throughout our region place their confidence and trust in IBANIT.

Today, IBANIT has grown substantially, employs over 20 people, which includes experienced professional staffs and a field force of over 30 journeymen, apprentices and laborers all focused on the goal – TO PROVIDE SERVICES THAT EXCEEDS THE EXPECTATIONS OF OUR CUSTOMERS.

IBANIT growing list of satisfied customers includes; Government, private sectors, contracting companies, and many multi-national oil & gas and petro-chemical companies.

With offices in port-Harcourt, Lagos and overseas, IBANIT is well positioned to render unequaled professional services in their spheres.

We have always played an active part in helping our communities, employees, government organizations, and associations through our line of operations. We have experienced staffs that are willing to meet your needs.

We add value to our clients by helping them to be more profitable and efficient in every way possible, while helping to ensure that their customers are satisfied beyond their expectations.


The success IBANIT has enjoyed is due to our ability to please our clients. Each client has it own individual needs, and we are committed to providing personal and professional services to everyone. Their satisfaction has allowed us to create a long lasting business relationship, which in turn, helps us tailor our service operation to their specific needs

At IBANIT, there`s a new home-grown energized group of leaders! We have always believed, and our clients routinely tell us, that what makes our company so special is our unique culture, our outstanding personnel and our swift service delivering


  • Committed, caring professional employees
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Unwavering delivery commitments
  • Superior performance
  • Superior values

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