Project Forwarding is a process of moving and shipping project cargoes to deliver them to their destinations right on time and within budget. Project freight forwarding is predominantly required by industries related to oil, gas and energy, power generation, mining and metals, and infrastructure projects (as freight for these industries includes operations with large objects, such as technological gear and vehicles). Project forwarding in these industries requires well-elaborated procedures for loading, transportation and unloading heavy lift cargoes, so the costs of shipping can stay precisely controlled and aligned with the overall budget of a project. An example of the large scale project forwarding is a factory movement or refit.

Project forwarding is usually provided by professional contractors – companies that provide service in logistics, and undertake organization of the following services:

  • Undertake feasibility and engineering studies, route surveys, and law/economical expertise to ensure the best concepts for the project’s cargo in relation to costs, performance and safety;
  • Heavy lift loading, quayside and unloading supervision;
  • Method statement for crane operations and technological inspections;
  • Heavy lift transportation via land routes, sea, inland waterways and air charter;
  • Representation and legalization of project forwarding operations with the officials;